After going sober, starting to exercise and working on her relationship with food, Lucy lost over 3 stone in 12 months, overhauled her lifestyle and found herself in a much more positive place both physically and mentally. 

Fully Rewired brings together everything that helped her get to where she is today...the happiest and healthiest version of herself!

Lucy has worked with a national award-winning personal trainer and highly sought after nutritionist to create the plan, which is designed to fit into a busy lifestyle, is simple to follow, free of fitness-jargon and above all is results-driven. 

Fully Rewired is on a mission to help more people improve all aspects of their life by cleaning up their lifestyle, moving more and prioritising themselves. 

At Fully Rewired, we will always encourage everyone to run their own race. We will always make working out fun and simplistic, with a supportive and user-friendly approach.